Arroz Montsià

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A little bit of history

Rice cultivation began 7,000 years ago in Southeast Asia and Mainland China, from where it spread throughout India and the rest of Asia.

Rice is one of a group of 19 plant species belonging to the Gramineae family, The scientific name for the rice plant is Oryza Sativa L.

The Greeks and Romans regarded rice as an exotic and luxury species. They venerated the cereal more than anything for the properties of "rice water".

350 years before Christ, the Arabs brought it to Spain and was introduced here it was introduced in all Mediterranean countries and the rest of Europe.

The Spanish introduced it into America in the second half of the 16th century.

In 1927 the Amposta Chamber’s Rice Grower swas founded by 362 farmers in the Delta del Ebro to jointly market the rice grown on their farms.

Being the oldest cooperative rice and tradition of the area, which now has over 3,200 members.

In 1959 the Montsià trademark was registered and in 1978 the one kilo Arroz Montsià Extra (Top-quality Montsià Rice) packet was launched onto the market.

In 1996 the hallmark of the Denomination of Origin "Arròs the Delta de l' Ebre" is introduced, in recognition of the Administration to the many years of work in the field of excellence and quality of rice cultivated in the Ebro Delta Natural Park.

And It is in 2003 when it merged with neighboring St. Jaume d' Enveja Sdad Coop. Cat RL when the Rice Montsià camera is created, covering all SCCL production Montsià, located on the right hemidelta.

Throughout its history, the cooperative has worked with numerous institutions marked social and charitable purposes, such as in 2009 that worked closely with the Food Bank Foundation to contribute a percentage of their sales for the most needy.

Currently still working so much to offer to its customers and clients' rice best quality with Protected Designation of Origin of the Ebro Delta, to preserve the natural richness it and its Natural Park, recently named "Reserve Biosphere" by UNESCO.