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Taking care of the environment and our country is a requirement inherent in the concept of quality of life that we must ensure our consumers, farm workers, farmers and neighbours.

One of the primary objectives of The Rice Montsià Camera is guaranteed the right to preserve our precious heritage of Delta del Ebro, as a whole the second most important wetland in Europe, therefore the natural wealth of their environment as for its flora and fauna.

In order to we add committed decades with Life Program of the European Economic Community, to invest in resources and innovation to carry out our work in environmental sustainability of the Ebro Delta and its Natural Park.

Through our work, we enjoy years of considerable media attention, with special reference to the publication of "EL PERIODICO " Saturday June 5, 2004 at the Rice House of Montsiā recognized as "an example of respect for the environment in the Ebro Delta."

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What is LIFE?

The European Union LIF programme is the financial instrument that supports environmental applications and developments on the basis of Community legislation as laid down the relevant directives. It particularity assist projects incorporating innovative techniques capable of meeting the need for sustainability and maintenance of the ecosystem.

Rice Montsià Camera, LIFE is the way to display its commitment to the sustainability of the environment of the Ebro Delta.

"Husk" LIFE

A sustainable development initiative, recycling rice husks as an agricultural by-product for use in the automotive and packaging industries. This recycling work was undertaken to protect and maintain the environment and in favor of the proliferation of its wetlands. It is an essential foundation for the development of the Ebro Delta’s flora and fauna, as well as giving rice husks value added, which is of benefit to the farmers.

LIFE "Envacío"

A project demonstrating of how vacuum packaging minimizes environmental impact and greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere. This time the gradual elimination of phasing methyl bromide in the disinfestation of processed rice by vacuum-packaging rice, minimizing the environmental impact and greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere.