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3 of february of 2020

The Rice Growers Chamber of Montsià participates in the Organic Delta Rice

On 29th January, the Rice Growers Chamber of Montsià participated in the technical meeting in Amposta (Tarragona, Spain) about the Organic Delta Rice project.

In 2019,, together with the University of Barcelona, ​​has started the Organic Delta Rice project in order to offer adequate technical knowledge for organic rice production in the Ebro Delta.

Different factors such as the growing demand from the consumer and the need of the industry to offer organic rice, has generated the need to establish a basis for developing an agronomic guide to help produce organic rice in the Ebro Delta.

In this tecnical meeting, not only has involved the rice sector, it also had the collaboration of phytosanitary, seed and fertilizer companies. In this way, the organic development products has been shown, which can be useful for organic production, and the future sector different perspectives have been established.
The Rice Growers Chamber of Montsià participates in the Organic Delta Rice

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