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Authentic Ebro Delta rice

The history of the Rice Growers Chamber of Montsià

Over centuries the rice, seed of the Oryza Sativa plant, has come a long way until finally it is on our table in the form we consume today. It was at the end of the 19th century that the left and right canals of the River Ebro were opened and rice cultivation was started. This today has led to 83% of the Delta’s Surface terrain being converted in the end. And at Montsià we are proud to form part of this history.

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Take care of the rice and protect it so that it can grow healthily

What do we do?
We have invested resources and worked for innovation so as to achieve a sustainable environment which allows us to guarantee and preserve the right to enjoy the precious natural environment of the Delta del Ebro and of its Nature Reserve.

How do we do this?
The L.I.F.E. Program of the European Union offers financial support to initiatives and projects aimed at making the environment better, taking special care of the ideas that push forward technical innovation and are going to contribute to sustainability and preserving the eco-system. For the Rice Growers Chamber, L.I.F.E. is the way forward to strengthen our commitment to the natural environment of the Delta del Ebro.

Rice husks

There is an initiative for the sustainable development in the re-use of rice husks (or hulls) as a sub-product of agriculture and for their use in the car industry and for packing. In this way we not only protect and preserve the natural environment and the humid areas of the Delta, but also we give added value to the rice husks and positively benefit the agricultural grower.

Vacuum sealed

With this project we demonstrate that it is possible to progressively eliminate methyl bromide, used in the desinsectation of prepared rice, substituting it with the vacuum sealed packing of rice. This minimizes the impact on the natural environment and the emission of gases into the atmosphere. Our rice is the fruit of our efforts, and is the life and tradition of the Delta

Our Innovation and Sustainability Projects

29 of june of 2018

The Rice Growers Chamber of Montsià receives two new subsidies.

The Rice Growers Chamber of Montsià has been awarded a subsidy in accordance with ARP / 324/2015 order of 20th October which regulates the aid ...

29 of june of 2018

The Rice Growers Chamber of Montsià participates in the Neurice Project

The Rice Growers Chamber of Montsià partici...

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